I was employed for many years by a London Borough where I was the Animal Welfare Officer. I worked on the nuisance team in the Environmental Health Department. I was authorised under all animal legislation and all Environmental Health legislation and dealt with hundreds of cruelty/neglect cases, stray, unwanted or problem animals or where they were kept in terrible conditions.

 Some of the cases I was involved in, prosecuted and served notice on were; 

Cruelty, Environmental Protection Act; keeping animals in a manner prejucial to health, accumulations prejudical to health, filthy and verminous conditions, licence breach, breach of planning laws, breach of tenancy, Guard Dogs Act, Dangerous Dogs Act, animal tresspass, stray dogs, dog fouling, noise nusiance and in fact any animal problem reported to our council.

 I was responsible for the Council's kennels and would take the animals into my care and rehome them. I was also involved in Bull Terrier/Staffie rescue.

I have stayed at the Canine Agression Research Centre with Diane Jessup in America to learn about dog aggression/attacks. Over the past 20 years I have been on numerous seminars and passed courses in Genetics and Canine Behaviour.

Although I now only have 1 German Shepherd, in the past I have had 17 adult dogs in total of different breeds and types including 3 Bull Terriers.

I was an accredited breeder with the Kennel Club.


 I am now working towards Accreditation with the Kennel Club.