A very delayed comment but... Having been very recently complimented on the obedience and manners of my 1year old collie I just had to come and express my thanks to Marretta for helping to achieve it! The 3 hour training session I had 9 months ago is one of the most useful 3 hours I've spent in a long time! Not only was my (then 3month old) puppy shown the basics but I was taught how to communicate properly with her. Since then we have mastered all sorts if tricks and I continue to be amazed at how the simple lessons I learned 9 months ago still apply to learning tricks such as jumping through hoops! Thankyou Marretta!
Hi maretta thank you so much for coming and doing some training with Bentley it was amazing such good skills you have and we really enjoyed your training methods Bentley is such a clever dog and we are having so much fun teaching him new things hope to see you soon on the beach or around thanks again
From Paulette Nicole Courtney and Charlie
Hi Marretta here, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your lovely kind comments...it is really appreciated. Its so lovely to know all of my little dogs that I have trained are doing so well.
(Ps I call them all little dogs regardless of size !)
Luv Marretta xxxxxxxx
WOW! Thank you so much for coming out to see Daisy last week. We could not believe our eyes as you transformed a nervous, jumping, barking dog into a calm, happy dog that wanted to learn all within a few hours. Would not have believed it if we hadn't seen it for ourselves.
Daisy is doing so well now, she is calm happy still learning her commands and we now have the lovely
little dog we knew was in there somewhere! She now stays still in her bed when we come in and when she gets up she doesn't even try to jump up. We are still working on strangers coming in as that makes her very anxious. Maretta you are truly a genius and we can't thank you enough for helping Daisy and us! xx
A wonderful morning yesterday beginning journey that is Maretta's Training techniques. Fascinating, fun, insightful, FUN!! Highly recommend!
Hi Marretta Just a little note to let you know how wonderful Ricky is doing since u visited us. walks are a lot more fun for all involved. he has even taking hes cuddly toys along with him which is helping to keep him calm. A lot of are friends are now seeing the lovely cuddly side to Ricky and we now feel a lot more in control when people are coming to visit. Ricky is much much happier and calmer dog since you ave visited he is now spending a lot of his time lying in the sun sleeping rather then Following us around the house
thank you for all your help and support will be in touch again soon
Fay, Tom and Ricky (Ricky sends a dribbley cuddle along with his thank you )
Thank you soooo much for making Jake's (and my) training fun. You got him to do things I thought he would NEVER do - absolutely amazing! Somehow he has retained all that you taught him and can even follow through with my rather stilted and ham-fisted actions and words. I will get better!
I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs their dog (or themselves) trained.
With greatest respect - Richenda
Hi marretta
It was lovely to meet you today and so wonderful to see Toby responding so well to your methods! We are so excited about future training at your classes! He has been so good all day as we have continued the training! Thank you! :-) Suse and Ally Rolfe x