Phew, what a debate! .....I am not a vet but I will give you my opinion (for what its worth!)..and it is purely my opinion and you will find that everybody is likely to have an opinion on the matter!

If you don't intend to breed from your dog both you and your dog will have a happier, easier life if it is neutered.....and I am really talking from experience!

Neutering means an operation is carried out by a vet on either a dog or bitch so that it can never have any puppies.

It is normally called castration (has been castrated) when referring to a male dog and spaying (has been spayed) when referred to a female dog (bitch)

A that has not been castrated is sometimes called “entire”

I am just clarifying these terms as I have heard it being called lots of variations of the theme!



 I have found that sometimes male owners are reluctant to have their male dogs castrated and visibly “squirm” when it is suggested!...Only dogs being used for stud should be kept entire...the way I explain it to owners that ask my opinion in the following way;

Imagine you are a full blooded male who is forced to live a life without ever having sex?...with all of those hormones raging around inside of you!

Or if you have had sex maybe once you are never allowed to have it again? Mmmmmm impressed? ......I think not!

Or if you are used as a stud dog are you going to think of anything else?...would you really care what your human owners think?..or what they want you to do ?...or would your thoughts continually be on other things??????

A dog used for stud has different agenda's !

Castrating your dog will have all of these problems taken away and hopefully he will have a happy contented life, without this conflict or anxiety and will be able to let your dog play and be off the lead without worry. (with the right training of course!)

It is believed that entire male dogs can smell a dog “in heat” from up to 5 miles away!...so the chances of your dog escaping is very high..You may never see your dog again, it may be picked up as a stray and be re homed or even destroyed or maybe stolen or get hit by a car .....

Also, your dog can't get cancer of bits it hasn't got !!!Think on !!



Ohhh so many reasons !!...

The nightmare of having the bitch bleeding every 6 to 9 months

She will almost certainly want to be mated ...she is quite likely to try and look for a mate...escaping to find one !

Having a litter of puppies and the problems that will cause.

She could get very serious life threatening conditions like cancer or Pyometra where you could easily loose your bitch. Any of these are like to cost you thousands in vets fees.

Some owners think they would like to mate their bitch once and maybe keep a puppy from the litter. 

Breeding a litter is a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly and great care and thought should be given before taking this course of action. There are so many dogs in rescue that we really should avoid adding to the numbers. I will go into breeding in more detail later when I have time as there is a lot of information that I would like to write about.