I train in a very quiet way, using very little words and mostly handsignals. Obviously we want the dog to understand the spoken word but the quieter I am the more they listen. I use happy body language and a lot of smiles. Many of the dogs I train are rescued and this works  extremely well especially with nervous dogs.

 I was very involved with rescue Bull Terriers when I was the Animal Welfare Officer. Sometimes white animals are deaf and it is a fault that can be found in white Bull Terriers. Often they are put to sleep because of it.

 I knew it was only a matter of time that I would be contacted by an owner of a deaf dog and so for months I have been searching the internet for a torch that could replace a clicker.  I have bought a number of them on auction sites only to find they were not suitable for the purpose. But now I have found one that is perfect for the job. It's made of chunky metal with a strong metal clip, small enough to fit comfortably in your hand with a rubberised "one touch" button, with a bright LED light. Obviously the dogs eyes must be protected but these are bright enough that you only need to point it to your own body for the dog to see it and there is no danger of hurting the dogs eyes and little danger of  the dog to become light obsessed which can happen with a lazer light.