The following information is my personal 


I will NEVER use any aggressive type of equipment for example choke chains, pinch collars, electric collars etc.






Some old style clickers are very loud and clacky ( please note, care must be taken not to click near your dogs ears especially when training nervous dogs.)

I use the "I" clicker which is a much improved design, it  has a raised button that is easy to use and can be easily muffled for dogs like rescue dogs that might be a bit noise sensitive.






I really believe all dogs should be whistle trained. A whistle has no emotion, doesn't get angry, scared, fed up and is much more likely to cut through the wind !! The dog needs to be trained to understand what the whistle means. So many owners just expect a dog to just come when they blow a whistle without actually doing any work with it. My personal preference is an ordinary metal referees style whistles ( I prefer not to use the "silent" dog whistles) I play the whistle game and get the dog to run between 2 people, so ideally you will need 2 whistles , then the whistle needs " proofing" but I explain about that when I come out to the home.






Why use a harness instead of just attaching a collar and lead?

I always uses harnesses where possible on dogs I train especially when I am doing long line training for safety reasons.  I especially think that harnesses should always be used on puppys or young growing dogs to protect the possibility of pulling on their delicate necks.


Cosy Dog fleece lined harnesses

These harnesses are lovely, soft and very comfortable. You may find some cheaper fleece harnesses on the market but you may find they are not of the same design as they may not have fleece on the straps that go underneath the dog.



                                     LEADS & TRAINING 



I have recently had made some extra special leads. They are the same as above but have fleece attached to the length of the lead so they are very soft to handle but still very strong and especially really good for people who have sensitve hands or just need a very soft, kind lead.. .but you are very unlikely to find anything like them elsewhere.



 These are fantastic quality, they are probably the best leads I have found. They are produced by a company called Dogmatic. 






My pet hate is the flexible type leads and I will not use them

All dogs are programmed to pull. In the wild they don't go for a "walk" they go to hunt and to mate and its the one that gets there first gets all the goodies! so we need to teach them that the best place to be is beside the owner's left knee.


If you look at most people who use the flexible type leads, they let it out...they reel it in.... they let it out ..... they reel it in....there is no communication between dog and my experience it just teaches the dog to pull and be out in front of you (or under a car!) I also worry about the fact they can  get wrapped around the handlers legs where they easily fall over or get tangled around your fingers or hand causing injury especially the very thin lines as they are like "cheese wire"


Instead, I use long training lines (see below) I have one end across my body, I make a loop over my right shoulder and tied by my left hip, the other end is attached to the dog's harness by a dog clip and the rest of the line drags along the ground.  


 I don't use the term "heel" I find its an unnecessary extra term. Using a harness and long line I teach the dog "this way". The idea is that when you dog is loose when you call out "come on Daisy this way" the dog runs directly to your left side....and using a hand signal, the dog stays walking along beside you until you release the dog so it can go off and play again.  

At a later stage you can teach the dog to walk on your right side by using a different term eg "close" so if you are walking down a country lane you can have the dog on the safe side of you.





(approx 25 feet long)They have a strong dog clip at one end (I use these and tie the other end around across my body for teaching the dog to walk nicely beside me.)








                           HEAD COLLARS.