This is what i used to do when i was going out teaching but can no longer do this but I am keeping this info on my web site so you can compare it with what other trainers offer.




My name is Marretta Corliss.  I am a dog trainer and live on the outskirts of the village of Littleham and train dogs in the Bideford and surrounding North Devon area.


I work with dogs of all ages, types and sizes. I work with puppies, dogs that just need basic training, dogs who have developed problems ...and many rescue dogs with issues!


I come out to the home and work with the dog on a "one to one" basis.   I am not worried if the dog has had absolutely no previous training because I start with going back to basic



I have worked with hundreds of dogs. 


 I use simple hand signals and quiet speech ...the less I say the more the dog listens ! I use no aggressive or intimidating methods. I encourage the dog to use its brains so it has to work out what I am asking it to do.


 The clicker tells them they have worked it out and got it right....and the tasty reward for getting it right is on its way.  Owners are amazed when they see the "cogs" working !

I change the word training to "game". The idea is for the dog and I to become best friends and work together, everything should be fun and totally enjoyable for all.

I teach the dog...and then the owner just has to copy me.



During the session I work with the dog , then let the dog rest while I explain what I am doing to the owner(s) and then I work with the dog again ...and so on. All my methods are positive. Rather than telling a dog off or saying "NO" dont do that, my method is to get a dog to do something positive instead.

Please don't think of it as "airy fairy" training.  It really works!


Our dogs are our friends, why on earth would we want to bully or intimidate them  especially when they are willing to do what we want anyway ...often they just dont understand what we are asking them to do....all we need to do is to open the lines of communication so the dog understands exactly what we are asking it to do.






The Magic of clicker training.


 When I first heard of clicker training I just couldn't get to grips with it ! How could that work to teach dogs?

I am now a total convert and I use a new type of clicker called an "I" clicker which is much quieter and easy to use.

Some owners who contact me say they have tried it but it doesn't work! In my opinion if clicker is used properly, it absolutely does work..I have seen owners using as a "remote control" pointing at their dog and click click clicking! I have seen owners for example clicking once for sit and twice for down..this is not how clicker training works.


You don't need a clicker forever, its a training tool to teach the dog to do something and then move onto to something else. Dogs already know how to sit or lay down or poo or come back or not to ...we don't need to teach them that!  We are opening the lines of communication between the owner and their dog so the dog understands what we are asking them to do. If clicker is taught properly the dogs get it within minutes!


The "click" says to the dog "what you are doing right this second is perfect and I love you for it and now you are going to get a very, very tasty treat to reward you for doing it for me!"

Using a clicker means you can almost work without words because the click is informing the dog its got it right.

I train dogs in a very quiet, calm voice (no shouting or harsh tones) but mostly I use hand signals. I find the quieter I am and the more signals I use the more the dog listens. The dog has to look at you and pay attention to see what you want it to do.

The training must be great fun for the dog and also for the handler and must be done with enthusiasm & gusto!